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Geo cafe mimi cappuccino brown wmm 600 review! ; 3;

Geocolouredlenses gave me the chance to review one of their lenses. Since it was my first time, I wanted the kind of lenses that made your eyes look bigger and prettier but also natural. Nothing over the top. So I checked their page and in the front I saw Tsubasa Masukawa, she’s always looking cute so I clicked and it directed me to their premium lenses.

At the end I picked the Geo cafe mimi cappuccino brown wmm 600:



"The unique texture of the lens is inspired by the froth of the Cappucino. Creates natural dolly eyes effect."


Power Range: 0.00~-6.00 // Diameter: 15.0mm // Base Curve Radius: 8.7 // Water Content: 38~42% // 1 year disposable

So I messaged them on Feb 4 saying that I’d like to review those lenses, and after a few more messages about the address and prescription they messaged me the 8th to tell me that my lenses were dispatched a day before, they also gave me a tracking number.

The lenses arrived home the 21st which was incredibly fast to me, because stuff usually takes a whole month or two to arrive here :C


Inside the packaging there was a small plastic bag:


That contained the lenses wrapped in styrofoam or something like that, a lens case, the shop card and a small instructive paper that said how to take care of the lenses, and that kind of stuff:




Since it was my first time wearing circle lenses it took me awhile to put them on, and also I had to search online how to take care of them, I had to buy the lens care solution and so. Lot of work to me, tbh.

I was really excited, I started with my right eye:


As you can see my eyes are super small or these lenses are super big. I was really surprised because they seemed smaller.

And then I put the left one:


I totally forgot to take a picture without the lenses tho.

That’s with natural lighting, then with flash:


My camera is super crappy, I know.

You can barely see some details of the lenses when using flash, I don’t know if that’s positive or negative tho.

And yup, that’s all, now let’s go to the rating and more of my personal opinion:

Shop experience + shipping image image image image image image

6 stars out of 5 because shipping was extremely fast and everyone was super nice to me as well.

Design image image image image

4 out of 5 because the only thing they do is make my eyes larger. You can’t see the color change or anything. Maybe it’s just my natural eye color’s fault but idk.

Comfort image image image image

4 out of 5

But I don’t know, since it was my first time you shouldn’t take this rate too seriously. 

I had no problems with the right lens but the left eye was feeling super itchy and teary so I removed the lenses, washed them again and put the on. They felt a little better and after blinking a lot and taking some pictures my eye got used to it and the lenses felt comfortable. So yeah it took them a while. 

Overall image image image image image

5 out of 5

I can’t complain. It was my first time and I was going for natural lenses as I said before, so I guess they aren’t that bad after all. Also since it was my first time I guess it’s a bit normal to feel strange.




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